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2022 PrezCon Auction
If you are registering several items you may wish to have your browser's autofill turned on.
Item Condition/Description

IMPORTANT - correctly entering the number above and your email address into the form insures that your funds make it to you and not someone else. 

Item Condition/Description
Lots offered for sale will be defined by the seller as being in one of the following physical condition categories. You should familiarize yourself with these terms so as to better judge the condition of what is being offered.

  • SHRINK WRAPPED - Still in the original shrink wrap

  • UNPUNCHED - Item is unpunched, unplayed and complete

  • PUNCHED - COMPLETE - Item is punched and seller verifies completeness

  • PUNCHED - UNKNOWN - Item is punched but seller has not verified completeness

  • PUNCHED - MISSING - Item is punched and missing parts (declare missing parts)

  • OTHER (such as Item has a declared flaw such as water damage, torn box)

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