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28    years and
still Growing



Board Gaming Convention

The PrezCon Annual Convention presented by Faceless Men Productions, LLC, is proud to have been hosting their Winter Board Gaming Convention since 1994, PrezCon has grown into a big event. It is now attended by hundreds of people from around the globe. We host over 100 Tournaments and dozens of demos during the convention!

Our Open Gaming rooms entertain over 200 players who utilizing

our 500+ board game library.


PrezCon Winter Nationals include some of the old favorites and many new tournaments as well.

Our board game tournaments are scheduled using a Track system, which makes it easy to put together a schedule of your favorite games by minimizing overlapping tournaments and gaps for all tournaments in the same track. Our tracks this year are Tactics, Strategy, Wargames, Classic Wargames, Block Games, Revcon, Parlor, Horsepower and Euro.

The PrezCon organizers and volunteers would like to thank everyone for attending  this annual event. Thanks also to all of the GMs who volunteer to help run the events. Without them, the convention could not be held at all!

Remember, we're all here to have fun! Win or lose, enjoy yourself!