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Liberty or Death

Liberty or Death
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Liberty or Death

Kirk Harris (14 points)
Mark Miklos (12 points)
Tim Miller (11 points)
Patrick Duffy (10 points)
Richard Beyma (10 points)
Bill Beckman (6 points)
William Kelley (6 points)
Norman Stewart (4 points)
Avery Abernathy (3 points)
Melvin Casselberry (3 points)
Dave Stiffler (2 points)
Donald Hanle (2 points)
Scott Ferris (2 points)
Todd Carter (2 points)
William Lentz (1 point)

Description: Volume V in GMT’s COIN Series takes us back to the struggle of the American Patriots against their parent British government. A unique multi-faction treatment of the American Revolution, Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection will take 1 to 4 players between lines of clashing red and blue infantry, Indian raids, European politics, British control of the seas, French intervention, and the propaganda war. Building off the good works of COIN Series Creator Volko Ruhnke and Series Designers Jeff Grossman, Brian Train, Mark Herman, and Andrew Ruhnke Designer Harold Buchanan applies his knowledge of the American Revolutionary period to take a new look at the struggle that built a nation. COIN Series Developer Mike Bertucelli continues his work on this project and Volko Ruhnke is an active advisor.
Mini-Con: RevCon
Duration: 3 hrs

About The Game

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