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History of the World

History of the World
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History of the World

Joseph Collinson (59 points)
Mark Smith (51 points)
David Hood (39 points)
Jaden Hagmaier (39 points)
John Elliott (38 points)
David Fritsch (36 points)
Benjamin Collinson (33 points)
Lauren Hickok (30 points)
Jonathan Hagmaier (30 points)
Keith Altizer (29 points)
Nathan Twigg (26 points)
David Seletyn (20 points)
Charles Hickok (15 points)
Edward Prem (15 points)
Ewan McNay (15 points)
James Sparks (15 points)
Jeff Miller (15 points)
John Koski (15 points)
Kirk Harris (15 points)
Nick Benedict (15 points)
Sean Smallman (15 points)
Shane McBee (15 points)
Tony Cadden (15 points)
Charles Minter (6 points)
Joseph Minter (6 points)
Mike Johnston (3 points)
Katie Elliott (2 points)

Description: History of the World works under the assumptions that all empires eventually fade and that the only things differentiating great empires from lesser ones is how much territory they conquer and how long it takes for their civilizations to disappear. The game is played out over 7 epochs or rounds, from the ancient 3000 B.C. Sumerians to the pre-WW1 Germany, with every player controlling a new rising empire from history. Some empires are stronger than others (like the Romans), but the game's clever mechanisms can help balance that out. At the end of each epoch, players score points for all units of their color (from both the current and any previous empires) remaining on the board.
Duration: 6 hrs

About The Game

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