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Bitter Woods

Bitter Woods
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Bitter Woods

Bill Morse (48 points)
Randy Heller CDR (20 points)
Bruno Sinigaglio (15 points)
Johnny Hasey (12 points)
Michael Mitchell (12 points)
Forrest Paffenberg (10 points)
Dana Newcomb (9 points)
Jeremy Osteen (7 points)
Bob Bassin (7 points)
Frank Sinigaglio (3 points)
Ed Witkowski (3 point)

Description: Bitter Woods is a mid-complexity wargame on the last great German offensive in Dec 1944, commonly known as the "Battle of the Bulge". The map depicts the area of operations, the Ardennes area at the borders of Germany, France, Belgium, and Luxemberg. Prominent features like roads, rivers and cities are depicted. A hexagonal grid is superimposed over the map to regulate game play. Each hexagon is 2 miles across, unit size is brigade and regiments. Each turn represents 12 hours of real time. Game features include morale, prominent leaders, blitzkrieg tactics, German army boundaries, initial surprise, Allied air power and much more. This is an entirely new version of the latest, or 4th edition, of this game. It has been totally revamped and owners of the previous editions may wish to acquire a copy of this one with all the bells & whistles it contains.
Duration: 5 hrs

About The Game

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