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Formula Motor Racing


The 2023 GM for this game will be

Julia Beckman
Formula Motor Racing


Games Point Leader Board


Formula Motor Racing

Carolyn Strock (60 points)
Steve Cameron (56 points)
Benjamin Collinson (56 points)
Julia Beckman (49 points)
Preston Saccenti (30 points)
Kelsey Codoley (26 points)
Alex Carr (20 points)
Gary Carr (20 points)
Jeff Bakalchuck (20 points)
Mark Mitchell (20 points)
Ron Wuerth (20 points)
Steve Lollis (20 points)
Thomas Strock (20 points)
Brandon Wines (19 points)
Linsey Saccenti (15 points)
Richard Began (15 points)
Dave Ingraham (12 points)
Luke Beckman (11 points)
Meredith Tentor (9 points)
Mike Salvato (9 points)
Arthur Wines (8 points)
Peter Ling (8 points)
Patrick McLafferty (6 points)
Donte Saccenti (6 points)
Jean Younkin (6 points)
Kyle Wines (6 points)
Carter Waite (4 points)
Maya Beckman (4 points)
Dan Mathias (3 points)

Solitaire: For those brave enough to take on the British forces on their own this mode offers a regular and a hardcore option. This mode is a good starting point if you’re trying to learn the game by yourself.

About The Game

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