Eurogame Sampler

Roderick Schertler
Eurogame Sampler

Description: The Eurogame Sampler presents a different selection of Eurogames every year. Each game will be explained before it's played, so please drop in on any game which sounds interesting to you. The most 1st place finishes wins, ties broken by 2nd place finishes and so on. You don't have to play in every game to have a shot at winning.


David Platnick (82 points)
Andrew Dzikiewicz (80 points)
Roderick Schertler (23 points)
Doug Galullo (15 points)
Gregg Smith (15 points)
Suzanne Tuch (15 points)
Pete Gathmann (8 points)
Chris Wildes (6 points)
Paul Wischow (6 points)
Samuel Moyer (6 points)
Bruce Glassco (4 points)
Ed Gilliland (3 points)
Luke Koleszar (3 points)

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The 2022 GM for this game will be

Eurogame Sampler