PrezCon 2017 "The Winter Nationals" is now open for GM's and Players to pre-register and save money! Sign-up Today!


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2016 Summer Program

Call to Arms GMs!

With over 100 Tournaments scheduled for the long week (Feb 20th-26th) we need our GMs to go ahead and get signed up.

Remember you save half-off your normal $70 registration and only pay $35 plus up sizes or upgrades on the free Polo we give you. As in the past you are upgraded from the player T-shirt to the Embroidered Polo shirt for helping us out.

If you have too many Polos you can upgrade to the Game Bag, Water Bottle (New Design this year) or our Name badge Holder (New Design in Blue)

Please get started and remember you have to send in your payment or your registration is not complete. Here is the List of Games and their GMs who still need to register.

Ed Wagamon Tabletop Aces
Luke Koleszar Titan the Arena
Alex Gregorio The Game of Thrones
Bruno Sinigaglio Bitterwoods
Jonathan Lockwood Afrika Korp & War at Sea
George Seary Hammer of the Scots
Scott Buckwalter Atlantic Storm
Charles Minter Settlers of Catan
Roderick Schertler Eurogame Sampler
Steven Zwanger The Castles of Burgundy
Jeff Thornson Russian Railroad

The Deadline to claim your game and make sure it is part of PrezCon: The Winter Nationals is Oct 1st.

Second go ahead and make your hotel reservations. The Rate of $124 is a great rate and that is for up to 4 folks in a room. Make those reservations.

Lastly we do have a few games that need a GM.

You can just pre-register and claim any open game.

To do so use the above link and save 50% off the door price and get the cool embroidered polo shirt as a upgrade to your player T-shirt. Please help us out and pick one of these open games and sign up.


Thank you all for supporting PrezCon! You are a big help and you can help us further by signing up today!

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2017: Jun 26-July 2 (Summer!)
2018: Feb 19-Feb 25
2019: Feb 25-Mar 3

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