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Signing up to be a PrezCon GM

Game Masters are the backbone of PrezCon. This is why we offer GM's both a 50% discount on the  PrezCon events and load you up with double the PrezCon Bucks to spend at the event. For over 25 years we have had the privilege of working with some of the best GM's in the Board Gaming Industry. If you have the knowledge,  passion and desire to coordinate and referee a board game that you love during a National's Tournament, we want you to be a part of the PrezCon GM Team.


Remember, as GM, you are judge and jury (and executioner if need be.)  Your tournament is NOT a democracy; so you will not rely much on the opinions of the players when you try to resolve disputes.  Their opinions will usually be colored by their positions in the game.

If you have not GM'd at PrezCon in the past, please review the GM Guidelines manual to understand what is required.

GM Consideration Form

Please complete the following form and once the PrezCon Staff has reviewed your request we will contact you and let you know if your request is possible.

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