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Time of Crisis

Time of Crisis
2024 Game Schedule

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Time of Crisis

Mary Ellen Powers (38 points)
Kevin Garber (14 points)
Bill Powers (14 points)
Kevin Garber (14 points)
Michael Greason (14 points)
Douglas Mercer (10 points)
Paul Koneczny (10 points)
Roger Taylor (6 points)
Kirk Harris (2 points)
Todd Carter (2 points)

Description: In Time of Crisis, 2-4 players take the reins of Roman dynasties, gathering and wielding influence among the senate, military, and people of Rome to ensure that their legacies are remembered by history instead of being lost to the mists of time. Starting from control of one province and a few low-value cards, you are challenged to establish your base of power during this fragile period of Roman history. You must build your armies, take control of valuable provinces, develop your support, and defend yourself against barbarian incursions, inopportune events, and the machinations of your political opponents.
Duration: 3 hrs

About The Game

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