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Texas Glory

Texas Glory
2024 Game Schedule

Games Point Leader Board


Texas Glory

Michael Sosa (64 points)
Ron Draker (41 points)
Malcolm Smith (25 points)
Fred Bauer (23 points)
Carl Willner (23 points)
Dave Dentel (14 points)
Grant Dalgliesh (10 points)
Stuart Pierce (6 points)
Steve Cameron (4 points)
David Seletyn (2 points)
Paul Hendricks (2 points)
Daniel 22007 (2points)
Steve Chilcote (2 points)
Scott McDonald (1 points)

Description: Texas Glory is a strategy wargame that brings this exciting period in history to life. Men like Houston, Austin, Crockett, and Bowie play key roles in the Texan struggle to defeat superior Mexican forces with a small but heroic army. The game is challenging and exciting for both players. The Mexicans have a powerful army but time and supply are their enemies. Intervention by U.S. forces can occur and the fierce Comanche are a threat to both sides.
Mini-Con: ColumbiaCon
Duration: 2 hrs

About The Game

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