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Russian Campaign

Russian Campaign
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Russian Campaign

Bert Schoose (39 points)
Fred Bauer (27 points)
Thomas Gregorio (22 points)
Alan Zasada (15 points)
Richard Beyma (15 points)
Michael Woodgerd (12 points)
Forrest Pafenberg (10 points)
John Ohlin (10 points)
Timothy Neilson (10 points)
John Armstrong (10 points)
Matin Musella (7 points)
George Karahalios (6 points)
Michael Keller (5 points)
Charles Catania (4 points)
Alex Gregorio (4 points)
Art Dohnman (2 points)
Michael W. Trobaugh (1 point)
Noah Nason (1 point)

Description: This is the 4th Edition with vastly improved contents over previously released versions. There are many differences, over the others, that have been enhanced from these fine folk`s efforts and countless others. The best way to see those, is to visit the L2 Design Group`s web-site or one of the other`s that feature this wonderful game. Some of the things that they`ve done for this is: enlarged the size of the game-board hexes; enlarged the game counters(to 5/8"); enhanced the visual aspects of the graphics; included New Scenarios; allowed for an `Allied Expeditionary Force`(Variant Counters); provided a New Weather Chart; improved on everything in general; and even included a CD-Rom for gameplay with others over the `Net!
Duration: 3 hrs

About The Game

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