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2024 Game Schedule

Games Point Leader Board



Brandon Wines (27 points)
Josh Davis (24 points)
Joshua Lowe (23 points)
Ben Harris (20 points)
Jessica Hendricks (20 points)
Paul Smith (20 points)
Carolyn Strock (20 points)
Phillip White (12 points)
Patrick Slytinez (12 points)
Ben Emerson (8 points)
Dalton Versate (6 points)
Jim Feight (4 points)
Kelsey Codoley (4 points)
Natalee Emerson (4 points)
Abby Emerson (4 points)
Amber Davis (3 points)

Description: Numbers aren't worth anything in NMBR 9 unless they're off the ground floor and looking down from above.

The game includes twenty cards numbered 0-9 twice and eighty tiles numbered 0-9; each number tile is composed of squares in some arrangement. After shuffling the deck of cards, draw and reveal the first card. Each player takes a number tile matching the card and places it on the table. With each new card drawn after that, each player takes the appropriate number tile, then adds it to the tiles that they already have in play, with each player building their own arrangement of tiles.

Each two-hour heat will include three separate games of NMBR9. This willbe a DUPLICATE tournament: each table will be provided with a matching set of numbered cards, and all tables will be playing the same game. There will be a total of 12 games played: each player's top 9 scores will be totaled (so you can miss a heat and still compete.) The Highest total score wins.
Duration: 2 hrs

About The Game

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