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Hidden Strike

Hidden Strike
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Hidden Strike

Avery Abernethy (5 points)
Dave Stiffler (3 points)
Mark Miklos (2 points)
Jeff Lange (1 point)

Hidden Strike: American Revolution recreates the struggle between the American colonists and the British forces during the War of Independence. Each side tries to win the war by controlling a majority of regions.

Confronted by overwhelming forces, the colonists will need strategy to defeat the larger British army and navy to gain their Independence. This is a card driven game, where players manage their hand of cards, usually playing just one card a turn to allow them to move tokens representing military forces across the board into key spaces at key times.

The game can be played in five different modes:
Solitaire: For those brave enough to take on the British forces on their own this mode offers a regular and a hardcore option. This mode is a good starting point if you’re trying to learn the game by yourself.
Versus: A fierce head-to-head in which one player pitches the British forces against the other player’s American troops.
Co-op mode: In this cooperative mode all players share the same objective: take on the role of the American colonists to win Independence from the British.
Traitor Mode: The inclusion of a secret traitor who will try to thwart the Americans’ efforts adds a devious twist to the co-op mode.
Mastermind: As one player assumes the role of George III the Sons of Liberty will have to band together to overcome the British King’s formidable forces.

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