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Hammer of the Scots

Hammer of the Scots
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Hammer of the Scots

George Seary (102 points)
Ron Draker (72 points)
Fred Bauer (54 points)
Malcolm Smith (50 points)
Steve Gilbert (49 points)
Steve Koleszar (36 points)
Michael Sosa (22 points)
Rick Young (15 points)
Tyler Sastre (9 points)
Tom Drueding (6 points)
Scott McDonald (4 points)
Tim Grimmett (4 points)
Stuart Pierce (4 points)
Don Parrish (3 points)
Rob Taylor (2 points)

Hammer of the Scots brings the rebellion of the Braveheart, William Wallace, to life. As the English player, you seek to pacify Scotland by controlling all the important noble lords. The Scottish player also seeks the allegiance of nobles to support a difficult struggle for freedom. Hammer of the Scots will give you many hours of entertainment and insight into this fascinating period in history.

Map board: Full-color (22" x 25") mapboard of Scotland and Northern England with heraldry of the important noble families.
Wooden Blocks (24mm): 56 Hardwood counters including leaders, nobles, archers, knights, and infantry.
25 Event Cards
Detailed Game Rules
Two Scenarios: A campaign game plus two scenarios: Braveheart and The Bruce.
Playable History: The rulebook is 8 pages. Games last from 2-4 hours.

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