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1775 Rebellion

1775 Rebellion
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1775 Rebellion

David Schneider (35 points)
Alexander Lange (25 points)
Richard Beyma (16 points)
Tim Miller (12 points)
Duncan McGill (12 points)
Avery Abernethy (12)
Donald Hanle (10 points)
Jim Lawler (10 points)
Steven Smith (10 points)
Teddy Lange (10 points)
Wade Emmons (9 points)
Todd Carter (6)
Michael Mitchell (6 points)
Mark Miklos (4)
Jeffrey Lange Sr (4 points)
Larry Burman (4 points)
Patrick Duffy (4 points)
Rick Kirchner (4 points)
Andrew Drummond (3 points)
George Rivers III (2 points)
Melvin Casselberry (2 points)
Rod Coffey (2 points)

Description: In 1775 Rebellion, players take the roles of the American Continental Army and Patriots against the British Army and the Loyalists. Each side tries to control the colonies, provinces and territories. They call on the aid of Native Americans, as well as the German Hessians and French Army in order to successfully birth a revolution or quell the rebellion. The four factions each use their own deck of cards to move their units into postions. Battles are resolved quickly with custom dice. If you can control an entire colony, province or territory you raise a flag. When the game ends with the signing of the Treaty of Paris, the side with the most flag markers is the winner.
Mini-Con: RevCon Duration: 8 hrs

About The Game

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