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The Play-It-Again Store
The Play-It-Again Store is a one day consignment shop for Attendee’s Board Games. You can buy or sell board games in a place filled with hundreds of Board Game Enthusiasts who are also buying and selling their games. Last year PrezCon was consigned over 1,100 games, PrezCon staffs the store, sells these games while you enjoy the many other activities PrezCon has to offer and allows you to browse through the store at your leisure.

What are the benefits of buying or selling at the Play-It-Again Store

For the Buyer:

  1. With hundreds of games to choose from, it allows you to browse in a no pressure environment while looking for those special games at very special prices.

  2. the variety of games will surpass anything a conventional brick and mortar store can stock. Remember, hundreds of gamers from around the country will be placing their games on consignment for your perusal.

  3. allows you to find games that will be selling at discounted prices while looking for that rare out of circulation game that is hard to find.


For the Seller:

  1. Location, location, location. Last year’s store had over 500 shopping board game enthusiasts. As a place to sell your board games it ranks as #1.

  2. Auctions sell to the highest bidder. But the Store sells at the price range you want and if the store cannot sell at that range take the game back when the store closes.

  3. A flat consignment fee if the game is sold, no surprises   

When & Where:
The Auction Store will be held on Saturday during PrezCon. Please check the event schedule for room location.

How Does it Work?
The Store will be open for six hours and those hours will be broken down into three periods. As Seller, you set three different prices based on the period the item sells. Example: Seller may price the item at $15 during the 1st period, lowering the price to $12 during the 2nd period and then lower it to $10 during the 3rd period. The Buyer simply picks up the item and takes it to the cashier for payment at the amount listed during the given time period.

Store hours are from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm on Saturday and the prices will change (at seller's discretion) each period. 1st period 10:30am to 12:30pm – 2nd period 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm – 3rd period 2:30 pm – 4:40 pm

Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)
The Auction Staff assumes no responsibility for the condition of the game or the accuracy of the seller's description on the auction store item sheets. They are not responsible for mistakes or missing components. All sales are final!

Cash only
When you want to purchase an item, you must immediately come forward to the cashier and make your purchase. We are not set up for checks, credit cards, or paypal. Buyers who fail to complete their purchases promptly in the view of the cashier will forfeit their right to enter the auction store.

Item Description
Lots offered for sale will be defined by the seller as being in one of the following physical condition categories. You should familiarize yourself with these terms so as to better judge the condition of what is being offered.

  • SHRINK WRAPPED - Still in the original shrink wrap

  • UNPUNCHED - Item is unpunched, unplayed and complete

  • PUNCHED - COMPLETE - Item is punched and seller verifies completeness

  • PUNCHED - UNKNOWN - Item is punched but seller has not verified completeness

  • PUNCHED - MISSING - Item is punched and missing parts (declare missing parts)

  • OTHER (such as Item has a declared flaw such as water damage, torn box)

A brief description of the item describing any extra bonus features such as sorting trays, variant pieces, etc. should be provided for any items which include them.

Who can Sell and what can be Sold?
Selling is limited to PrezCon attendees with a valid PrezCon passes AND have been issued an approved LOT# prior to the PrezCon event. Due to the specialized nature of PrezCon as a board game convention, only games and accessories pertaining to board games can be sold.


Who can Buy

Any attendee with a valid PrezCon Pass for Saturday events.

Sellers Lot Registration process:
Please be sure to read the following section.

Sellers will be required to submit their requests for the play-it-again store and their Auction lots on line. If approved you will be emailed your approved lot forms to be attached to your games.

All requests must be submitted no later than February 15th for review.

***IMPORTANT*** To register items for the store consideration please click the link to the right.

You will receive an email confirming your submission and providing you with your play-it-again-store lot numbers within 48 hours.

Administration Fee
A non-refundable fee of $0.25 per lot submitted is required and will be collected at PrezCon when you check-in your items. This is an administration fee to cover the costs of processing

Sellers will receive 85% of the selling price, rounding the amount to the nearest dime, upon providing a current PrezCon badge matching the Seller's name. Payouts will be available at the PrezCon Registration Desk by 09:00 pm on Saturday (or sooner) until 10 PM. Then once again on Sunday during the remaining registration hours of the convention. Amounts unclaimed by 1 PM Sunday are forfeit to PrezCon, Inc.

***IMPORTANT*** You will need to complete the attached Auction Store Item Sheet, attach it to your games with painter's tape, and bring the games to the designated location during the check-in hours set forth in the PrezCon schedule.

The Net Proceeds will be provided to the sellers upon providing a current PrezCon badge matching the Seller's name. Payouts will be available at the PrezCon Registration Desk soon after the store closes and will remain available during registration hours throughout the convention. Amounts unclaimed by 13:00 Sunday are forfeit to PrezCon, Inc.

Unsold items:
***IMPORTANT*** Sellers are responsible for collecting unsold items promptly  Saturday evening. Sellers need to claim their unsold items at the designated location and times outlined in the PrezCon schedule After that, the items will be at the Registration Desk. Items unclaimed by 1PM on Sunday become the property of PrezCon Inc.

PrezCon, Inc will exercise reasonable care in safeguarding your items, but we assume no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged goods.

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