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Tournament Games

NEW! Casual Games - are a new type of event that we are adding to the PrezCon list for 2022.  They will appear on your schedule at a set time and will be hosted in Giorgios.  They are not tournament events so there will not be prestige points or a plaque.  Instead they are free form events that may evolve into a mini-tournament structure - if there is enough interested players, but there isn't per se a tournament winner.  The GM is there to promote the game and will be able to show you how to play and get you started in the game if it interests you.  Since they are casual events there is not a requirement to show up on time.   If you show up late there can still be an opportunity to learn the game.  You can sit in next to a game in progress or start a game when enough other players arrive.  If you have a half-hour to kill stop by Giorgios and see what's going on.  Participants will receive a raffle ticket and the GM can reward additional raffle tickets for playing well or fellowship at their discretion.  At the end of the event their will be a raffle drawing for a door prize.  So what do you need to participate in a casual event?  Anyone with a PrezCon pass including an Open Gaming Pass can participate.

2022 PrezCon Games will be finialized BY September below is a list to date of games confirmed with a GM

Games Listed  by GM

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