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Victory in Europe


The 2023 GM for this game will be

Victory in Europe


Games Point Leader Board


Victory in Europe

Ron Draker (43 points)
Malcolm Smith (19 points)
Fred Bauer (17 points)
Scott McDonald (14 points)
Michael Sosa (10 points)
Carl Willner (8 points)
Dave Dentel (6 points)
Stuart Pierce (6 points)
Dennis Culhane (4 points)
Paul Hendricks (4 points)
Bill Thomson (2 points)
Steve Koleszar (2 points)

Description: VICTORY IN EUROPE: a strategic block wargame of World War II, for 2 or 3 players. Plays in 3-5 hours on an oval map of Europe. Players maneuver their armies on an area map of Europe, fighting for control of key victory cities and critical resources. Air, naval, and ground units are all involved. Battles are fought when enemy units clash in the same area.
Mini-Con: ColumbiaCon
Duration: 3 hrs

About The Game

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