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Thurn and Taxis


The 2023 GM for this game will be

Scott Saccenti
Thurn and Taxis


Games Point Leader Board


Thurn and Taxis

Scott Saccenti (65 points)
Benjamin Collinson (17 points)
Luke Koleszar (15 points)
Andrew Emerick (15 points)
Chris Wildes (15 points)
Marcia Morelli (15 points)
Richard Irving (15 points)
Brian Batovsky (10 points)
Katherine McCorry (10 points)
Bill Kirby (9 points)
Donte Saccenti (9 points)
Eric Freeman (9 points)
Rick Miller (9 points)
Martin Houghton (8 points)
David Rohde (6 points)
Eugene Yee (6 points)
Mary Ellen Powers (6 points)
Pete Gathmann (6 points)
Shane McBee (6 points)
Laura Miller (4 points)
Chris Gnech (3 points)
Antony Saccenti (3 points)
Ivan Lawson (3 points)

Description: In Thurn & Taxis, players build post office routes across Bavaria and the regions around, collecting bonus points in various ways. The board shows a map of all the cities, with roads leading from each one to some of its neighbors. There are various colored regions around the board, most with two or three cities, and a large region with all the Bavarian cities in the center. Players build postal routes from city to city to city so that each city is adjacent to the next city on the route and there is a road connecting these two cities. Each route must consist of at least three cities. Players may only build one route at a time. Routes are represented by melded city cards arranged in the order of the route.
Duration: 0 hrs

About The Game

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