The 2022 GM for this game will be

Jennifer Deshaies

Games Point Leader Board



Michelle Hymowitz (31 points)
Maya Beckman (20 points)
Thomas Strock (15 points)
Steve Cameron (14 points)
Steve Gilbert (12 points)
Donte Saccenti (10 points)
Jim Krug (10 points)
Julia Beckman (10 points)
Lee Presser (10 points)
Ron Gilbert (10 points)
Scott Buckwalter (10 points)
Elinor Glassco (9 points)
Luke Beckman (6 points)
A J Sudy (5 points)
Kelsey Codoley (5 points)
Zach Tentor (5 points)
Arkadiy Muller (4 points)
David Wolfe (4 points)
Preston Saccenti (4 points)
Bill Thomson (3 points)
Dacey Collinson (3 points)
Adam Krug (2 points)
Benjamin Collinson (2 points)
Brian Muller (2 points)
Chris Wildes (2 points)
David Platnick (2 points)
Mitzi Hubble (2 points)
Stuart Tucker (2 points)
Jennifer Deshaies (1 points)

Description: Slapshot is a wheeling, dealing game for hockey fans. Each player assumes the role of team manager. The object is to skillfully manage your team into the playoffs and then win the championship. During the regular season you can improve your team with drafts and trades, but injuries can upset the best of plans. Ultimately, your skill as manager determines if your team wins or loses.
Duration: 2 hrs

About The Game