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Russian Campaign


The 2023 GM for this game will be

Fred Bauer
Russian Campaign


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Russian Campaign

Description: This is the 4th Edition with vastly improved contents over previously released versions. There are many differences, over the others, that have been enhanced from these fine folk`s efforts and countless others. The best way to see those, is to visit the L2 Design Group`s web-site or one of the other`s that feature this wonderful game. Some of the things that they`ve done for this is: enlarged the size of the game-board hexes; enlarged the game counters(to 5/8"); enhanced the visual aspects of the graphics; included New Scenarios; allowed for an `Allied Expeditionary Force`(Variant Counters); provided a New Weather Chart; improved on everything in general; and even included a CD-Rom for gameplay with others over the `Net!
Duration: 3 hrs

About The Game

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