McGartlin Motor Sports


The 2022 GM for this game will be

Jon Zug
McGartlin Motor Sports

Games Point Leader Board


McGartlin Motor Sports

Paul Wischow (53 points)
Steven Turner (48 points)
Jon Zug (39 points)
Mark Mitchell (30 points)
Phillip White (30 points)
John Koski (21 points)
Jonathan Jones (20 points)
Tom Bivens (18 points)
John Weber (16 points)
Charles Minter (15 points)
Charlie Ellis (15 points)
Danny Lewis (15 points)
Eugene Zehner (15 points)
Karen Ellis (15 points)
Kelsey Codoley (15 points)
Luke Koleszar (15 points)
Steve Hughes (15 points)
Steve Lollis (15 points)
Michael Muller (12 points)
Steve Cameron (12 points)
Charles Hickok (10 points)
David Wolfe (9 points)
Rich Gause (8 points)
James Chambers (6 points)
John Steffey (6 points)
Michael Buccheri (6 points)
Joe Rudmin (5 points)
Michael Lind (5 points)
Dave Ingraham (3 points)
Lawrence Loiacono (2 points)

Desicription: Racing game driven by cards. There's a central track deck which simulates a given track. Each card in it can be an event (a yellow flag, crash, blown engine) or simply a lap count which players must attain for that turn. Each player has a driver deck which they draw from to make a hand. They play cards each turn to reach the lap count. With their remaining actions/cards they can pass, block, challenge, draft etc. the other cars.

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