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The 2023 GM for this game will be

Lyman Moquin


Games Point Leader Board



Charles Hickok (15 points)
George Seary (5 points)
Jeff Miller (5 points)
Lyman Moquin (5 points)
Todd Treadway (5 points)
Justin Joines (3 points)
Charles Cabell (2 points)
Brian Reynolds (1 points)

Hannibal from Rusiecki is a strategic Roman game and is the first game where land combat occurs in same hex and uses fluid movement/combat system.Board mounted on foam core.

This game is played in turns of one year each. Starting in 218 B.C.,a time marker piece is moved down the Time Records one space after the completion of each FULL turn. The game ends in the 202 B.C. turn.

About The Game

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