Great War Commander

Roger Nord
Great War Commander

Description: In 1914, the great powers of Europe could not save the international system that had been in place since Metternich a century before. Tangled alliances pushed them to the brink. Nations miscalculated and expected a short, limited war, but a four-year World War blew up in their faces and forever changed the continent and the world. Great War Commander traces the war as the nations and empires fought it on the western front across Belgium and northern France. The forces of three major powers-France, Germany and America- all have forces in the game. One player handles Germany while the other side commands either France or America.
Duration: 3 hrs


Mark Brooks (18 points)
Wayne Ratliff Jr (9 points)
Ken Smith (5 points)
Roger Eastep (5 points)
Shiloh Brooks (4 points)
Father Eric Tolentino (3 points)
Leon Sorge (2 points)
Tom Drueding (2 points)
Roger Nord (1 points)

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About The Game

The 2022 GM for this game will be

Great War Commander