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Formula Motor Racing Jr.


The 2023 GM for this game will be

Pete Gathmann
Formula Motor Racing Jr.


Games Point Leader Board


Formula Motor Racing Jr.

Preston Saccenti (12 points)
Kyle Wines (10 points)
Julia Beckman (9 points)
Ada Langston (6 points)
Brandon Wines (6 points)
Luke Beckman (5 points)
Sajel Behari Prem (5 points)
Sarah Hendricks (5 points)
Jessica Hendricks (4 points)
Ronan Pixton (3 points)
Linsey Saccenti (3 points)
Maya Beckman (3 points)
Jenson Muller (2 points)
John Grider II (2 points)
Sumner Langston (2 points)

Versus: A fierce head-to-head in which one player pitches the British forces against the other player’s American troops.

About The Game

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