Formula De


The 2022 GM for this game will be

John Steffey
Formula De

Games Point Leader Board


Formula De

Doug Galullo (64 points)
Barry Smith (56 points)
John Steffey (39 points)
Morris Akers (36 points)
Luke Koleszar (23 points)
Steve Cameron (18 points)
Patrick Duffy (16 points)
Chris Janiec (15 points)
Curtis Ellis (15 points)
Heikki Theon (15 points)
Jason Carr (15 points)
Jeff Bakalchuck (15 points)
Sean Heath (15 points)
Steve Kirkup (15 points)
David Rohde (14 points)
James Feight (9 points)
Michael Lind (9 points)
Christopher Gnech (6 points)
Kerry Duggento (6 points)
Stuart Tucker (4 points)
Benjamin Collinson (3 points)
Joshua Cruciotti (3 points)
Patrick McLafferty (3 points)
David Wolfe (2 points)
Keith Altizer (2 points)
Phil Walling (2 points)

Formula Dé is a fast-paced racing game in which the cars' top speeds are limited by having to end a certain number of turns in each curve of the racetrack. This can be tricky, because although players can regulate their speeds by choosing which gear to be in and each gear allows a certain range of movement, the exact amount is determined randomly. Great fun for a big group.

The base game comes with:
One set of dice (special d30, d20, d12, d8, d6, d4 and a normal black d20)
Ten plastic cars (with interchangeable rear spoilers)
One two-sided map Formula Dé Circuits 1 & 2: Monaco & Zandvoort 1
Basic rules
Advanced rules
Racing sheets (for 1, 2 and 3-lap races)
Ten gear markers
Ten dashboards

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