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2014 Program

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Prezcon T-Shirt Day

Prezcon T-Shirt Day at the WBC is Saturday August 9th!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Prezcon 2014

A 2 minute waltz through Prezcon 2014

Short video review by L. Pulsipher

PrezCon 2014 "The Winter Nationals" game convention is now in the rear-view mirror.

We successfully hosted over 90 Tournaments and 40+ Demo events, and 24 hour Open Gaming.

Briefly, some of the highlights of Prezcon 2014 include a record-setting Ticket to Ride tournament with 114 participants and Settlers of Catan with 97 players. Carolyn Strock won the Settlers of Catan event and she will be representing Prezcon at GenCon 2014 in the National event. Prezcon wants to extend a special thank-you to all the hard-working GMs who made superb events like these possible. The winners and 2nd place finishers for the 2014 events are posted below.

18xx12Bruce BeardSpencer Hambler
7 Wonders76Steve CameronSean Smallman
Africa Korps14Bert SchooseGreg Smith
Acquire27Shane McBeeJoe Powell
Age of Renaissance6David HoodCharles Minter
Agricola32Eric WrobelBill Crenshaw
A Game of Thrones27Jay BoringAdam Sykes
Alhambra61Tim FurrowChris Gnech
ColumbiaCon's War thru the Ages10Fred BauerRon Draker
Atlantic Storm34Ben CollinsonShane McBee
Battle Cry12Philip SheaJeff Lange
Battle of the American Rev22Mark MiklosJeff Lange
Bitterwoods13Randy HellerForrest Pafenberg
Britannia15Barry SmithKeith Altizer
Cant Stop32Michelle HymowitzClaire Brosius
Carcassonne61Brian GreerMichael Crescenzi
Castles of Burgundy32 Mahmooda SultanaChris Terrell
Chicago Express14Philip SheaMike Senzig
Circus Maximus44James FeightMichael Lind
ColumbiaCon's Battles & Campaign Series14Fred BauerMalcolm Smith
Combat Commander16Bill EdwardsJustin Rice
Command & Colors Ancients14Rick YoungJohn Vasilakos
Conquest of Paradise15Steve VondraSteve Cameron
Dominant Species15John EmeryEric Gerdts
Dominion51Jonathan CroxtonDerek Croxton
Down in Flames12Chris JaniecTim Rogers
Eclipses13Jack JaegerJay Boring
Eurogame Sampler27Gregg SmithEd Gilliland
Flying Colors8Rob DoaneDon Hanle
Football Strategy9Bert SchooseSteve Gilbert
Formula De22Doug GalulloSean Heath
Formula Motor Racing30Brandon WinesCarolyn Strock
Global Mogul13Eric WrobelKevin Sudy
Hammer of the Scots18Steve GilbertMichael Sosa
Here I Stand16Stephen KoehlerEd Rothenheber
History of the World17Jon HagmaierBen Collinson
Hold the Line8Don HanleIvan Lawson
Homesteaders11Tod WhitehurstAaron Barclay
Imperial13Charles Minter
Julius Caesar16Ron DrakerFred Bauer
Leaping Lemmings23Geraldine WoodsElinor Glassco
Liar's Dice37Rodney BacigalupoDavis Seletyn
Liberty4Carl WillnerDonny Hanle
Lincoln's War3Keywood ChevesJoe Collinson
Lords of Waterdeep41Mike CrescenziJohn Gaebler
Lost Cities54Donna BalkanMichelle Hymowitz
Manifest Destiny7Eric WrobelJeff Mullet
McGartlin Motor Sports29Jon ZugDave Ingraham
Memoir '4416John KoskiKurt Mericli
Merchants & Marauders11Brian GreerEd DeBary
Merchants of Venus26Eric WrobelJohn Koski
Monsters Menace America15Ahnaf HassanJay Buckwalter
Napoleon10Ron DrakerMatt Looby
Napoleonic Wars14Ed RothenheberHenry Russell
Normandy '445Tom GregorioFred Gilligan
Operation Skorpion5Bruno SinigaglioRandy Heller
Paths of Glory9Alex GregorioSteve Koleszar
Pillars of the Earth14Shane McBeePhilip Shea
Power Grid55Dave PlatnickPhilip Shea
Puerto Rico54Luke KoleszarKevin Walsh
Queen's Gambit12Carolyn StrockTom Strock
Ra54Scott FennDanna Balkan
Race for the Galaxy43Martin HoughtonDonte Saccenti
Rebel Raiders on the High Seas10Charlie HickokWyatt Bogan
Risk17Ben EmersonJanet
Robo Rally15Rick SteevesJim Fardette
Russia Besieged10Rob BeymaMarty Musella
Sekigahara4Grant GreffeyBruce Reiff
Settlers of Catan97Carolyn StrockArt Wines
Slapshot24Thomas StrockRichard Beyma
Smallworld38Joe CollinsonMary Ellen Powers
Speed Circuit10Doug SchultzChris Brandt
St. Petersburg23Kevin BrownScott Fenn
Spartacus9Mike GreasonSteve Koehler
Stone Age46Eugene Yee Mahmooda Sultana
Texas Hold'em?John Emery
Terra Mystica38Jeffrey ThornsenBrian Batovsky
The Hunters39Mike GreasonO. Kravitz
The Kaisers Pirates12John EmeryBruce Young
Ticket to Ride114David HammelRobert Olsson
Ticket to Ride TCG22Dan StrockCarolyn Hanle
Tikal21Mark SmithVirginia Colin
Titan11Dan StrockSteve Koleszar
Titan 2-Player7Art WinesDave Platnick
Titan the Arena24Jim FardetteJoe Collinson
Trajan?Kevin WalshChristy Applegate
Twilight Struggle9Andrew DzikiewiczEric Gerdts
War at Sea7Greg SmithWayne Saunders
War of the Ring14Eric GerdtsDavid McDarby
Washington's War8Donny HanleRob Doane
Waterloo15Rob BeymaGreg Smith
Team Champions9Go to Bed: Bill Crenshaw, Doug Galullo, Eric Wrobel
Ironmann/aEric WrobelRon Draker

The next Winter Nationals will be Feb. 23 - Mar. 1, 2015, in Charlottesville, VA
Only 205 days until PrezCon 2015!
Future PrezCon Dates:
2016: Feb 22-Feb 28
2017: Feb 20-Feb 26
2018: Feb 19-Feb 25
2019: Feb 25-Mar 3

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