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Winter Nationals You can now register for PrezCon 2017 "The Winter Nationals", February 20-26, 2017

Sign-up for the Prezcon E-mail Newsletter

We have 100 Boardgame Tournaments scheduled and many demo events. 24 hour Open Gaming will be allowed starting Monday Morning at 9am. We also have a sold-out Dealers Hall. PrezCon is the place for gamers. Once you pay your registration fee, there are no additional fees to enter games. (NO TICKETS) So one price pays for all the gaming you can cram in over the convention. Make your plans to attend now. Go to this link and make your reservations today:


Open gaming in the Promenade Ballroom, Giorgio's and the main hotel foyer. The PrezCon Games Library will be in the Promenade ballroom and is open to all who are attending the con. Demo events will be run throughout the convention in the Promenade Foyer at the bottom of the main staircase leading to the Promenade Ballroom.


$70: Full week full gaming badge ($80 at the door)
$50: Full week open gaming badge ($60 at the door)
$35: Full week Jr badge (12 and under) for playing in adult games ($40 at the door)

Daily badges:
$65: Friday and Saturday (pre-reg not available)
$50: Any 2 days except Fri-Sat (pre-reg not available)
$30: Any 1 day. If you stay longer the applicable multi-day badge price will apply (pre-reg not available)
FREE: Junior Badge (12 and under). Allows Open Gaming and Junior Events only. To play in adult tournaments, register as an adult

If you pre-reg as a Player by Jan 31st we give you a free Shirt and you save $10. The open gaming pre-registration saves you $10 off the door price and gives you the opportunity to buy a souvenir for a small cost. Registration is all-inclusive - you don't have to pay additional fees to enter games. (NO TICKETS) One price pays for all the gaming you can cram in to the convention week.

1. Once you arrive just stop by the registration desk to check-in and pick-up your Name badge. That is where you also pick up any gifts or souvenirs.
2. If you did not pre-register, the registration desk just inside the main Ballroom foyer will be where you get registered.
3. You will receive a name badge which is your ticket to all of our events. Please wear it so we can see it please.

We have a Dealers Room with several vendors. It is open Friday-Sat 10am-6pm and Sun 10am-2pm.

You can now pre-register for PrezCon 2017. Remember you save $10 off the door price by signing up early!

Go to

Meeple League

PrezCon is very proud to announce the Meeple League is now part of the Prezcon experience. What is the Meeple League you ask?

The Meeple League was created in 2014 when the founders realized that competitive board gaming did not have champions trying to expand the concept. They met and decided to work on making competitive board gaming part of more events.

Creating a list of popular games and a set of guidelines based on their experience as Game Masters for tournament play, the Meeple League unified some of the events at Total Confusion and Euroquest to create the first Meeple League season.

After 2 seasons, the founders realized that real growth will come from engaging the players first and then the event managers. So the Meeple League is being recast as a community site for board gamers who like to play in organized competition as well as with their friends.

Here are the games that make up the leagues play.

If you play in these games you will be rated if you join the league. Click link for full details!

App for Android

Yes PrezCon has an app designed for your Android phone. Just go to the app store and input Prezcon and the app will come up. Even though it says 2016 it is the 2017 version. That will be fixed asap. I downloaded it and it works great. Easy to use with many nice features like tagging your games and being notified be your game begins. Telling you the location and helping you keep track of your finals. The Iphone app is in the works but we have yet to finalize a plan for when that will take place.

Preztige Point System

PrezCon also has its own point system called the Preztige Point System! This was created to keep track of all of our folks who come and play in our 100 tournaments. If you place 1st to 4th you receive points in every tournament we run. To see the point system go to our Tournament Games link. Here it is for you to look at: Just pick the first letter of the game you want to see and if we are running it this year and we have run it in the past you will see the standing on that game. Here is the list of folks and their overall Preztige Point totals. :

Hall of Fame

PrezCon also has a very large Hall of Fame of Players, GMs and Organizers that are added to each year. To be eligible for the Hall of Fame you must have attended at least 8 Conventions. Won at least 4 tournaments (player) or As a Gamemaster run a game for at least 8 years. Here is our winners list that we call the Hall of Fame:

This year we are inducting player, Ron Draker. He has won 11 tournaments over 10 years. A very worthy and nice guy!

We also are inducting a GM this year. Shane McBee has attended all of the PrezCon Conventions (24). He took over History of the World in his 3rd year and has run it for us ever since. One of the best guys you will ever meet and his Gamemastering is second to none.

After 12 years of being the Webmaster, head Database man, creating all our publications plus helping me run the con. At this years con, Grant Dalgliesh will be inducted as an organizer. Grant flies every year to the con from Washington State. That is over 65,000+ miles over 12 years. His dedication to the con makes him well over due to be enshrined in our Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame Ceremony will take place Friday, February 24th at 6pm in the main Ballroom. Please join us as we enshrine all of these well deserving folks!

RevCon 12

For 12 years now we have been hosting an event like no other. Mark Miklos the designer of The American Rev War series for GMT came to me and asked me to host a Con within a Con? He explained that he wanted to host an event where they would run American Revolution games only. We gave him his own room at the con and the rest is history. He awards a special award called the George to the person who garners the most points over the week long event (5 events). All of these games also receive a PrezCon Championship Plaque as well as being eligible for a 2nd and 3rd place award. RevCon is as always held in the Albemarle Room at the end of the hallway to the left. This year they are running Washington's War, Rebellion 1775, New York 1776, Liberty or Death and of course Marks American Rev War Series. Here is the link to the webpage:

Settlers of Catan Regional Championship

For over a decade we have hosted the Settlers of Catan Regional Championship. Mayfair Games sold the Settlers of Catan Brand to Asmodee early last year. The new company is called Catan Studios and is based right here is Charlottesville, Va. This year we are once again hosting a Regional championship but with a twist. Catan Studios will take $150 of the $500 that we normally give the winner of our tournament and apply it to hotel and admission fee to Gencon. That will leave the winner $350 towards their travel to and from GenCon. We will award the remaining prize money to the winner of our Settlers tournament. We have sent many folks over the years but none has come home the National Champion. Could this be the year we crown a National Champion from PrezCon? Come give it a try and see if you have what it takes to play for the title of National champion.

Here s the link to our Settlers site:


In the spirit of RevCon our ColumbiaCon event is based on Columbia Games Block wargames. You play is each event to garner points based on your final position.

3 Points: For each 1st place victory (max 18)

2 Points: For a 2nd place finish (max 12)

1 Point: For each event entered without a 1st/2nd place finish (max 6).

The Tom Dalgliesh award is given on Sunday morning to the person who has done the best over the 8 games. The titles this year are Hammer of the Scots, Richard the III, Texas Glory, Crusader Rex, Victory in Europe, Last Spike, Slapshot and Julius Caesar. Columbiacon is held in the Montdomaine room right next to the RevCon room. Here is the webpage link:

Saboteur & Agricola Regional Championships

This year Mayfair games is hosting two National Championships at GenCon in August. These are designed to replace The Settlers National Championship. Agricola is a worker placement game and Saboteur is a quick fast card game. If you want to represent PrezCon at one of these events all you have to do is win one of the tournaments . We dont offer travel expenses but Mayfair will put you up at the con and pay your admission in the con. Nice plus for winning a tournament. Here are the links to each one of these regionals: and for Agricola go here:

PrezCons 24th Annual live Game Auction

From our 1st convention 24 years ago we have hosted a live game auction. We ask that you pre-register your games for the live Auction using these forms: Auction registration Form (xls) and Auction item sheet (doc) Once you fill out these forms, please email them to this address: We will take in the games for the Auction on Friday night. Bring your games for Auction to the Ashlawn room that is marked on the map in booklet. We will only accept games that are pre-registered and the cap is 500 games. Here are the rules and regs for the Auction:

Auction Store

The Auction store will take place in the TJ Tavern on Saturday. To put games into the store you will need to pre-register your games by using these forms:

Auction Store registration Form (xls)

Auction Store item sheet (doc) Once you fill out these forms please email them to this address: We will take in the games for the Auction Store on Friday night. Bring your games for Auction Store to the Ashlawn room that is marked on the map in booklet. We will take up to 600 games for the Auction store. Here are the rules and regs for the Store:

Open Gaming

PrezCon offer over 8000 square feet of Open Gaming space. When you enter the main hotel there is a set of stairs that leads down to the Promenade Ballroom. This is the main Open Gaming area. The Open Gaming area is open for play 24 hours a day starting Sunday Feb 19th at 1pm and closes Feb 26th at 5:30pm. All we ask is that you keep the room clean and tidy. Once you are done playing a game and plan to leave please pick up your game so other folks can use the space. Left out games will be packed up and brought to the main check in desk. The last couple of years we have been busting at the seams so we have added the Giorgios room across from the TJ Tavern as overflow Open Gaming space. Please play down stairs and only use the overflow area when needed. The overflow area will be where we host the Auction on Saturday. The Giorgio's room will close Friday night at midnight and remain closed until 6or 7pm Saturday when auction is finished.

Games Library

We started creating our games Library about 7 or 8 years ago. We have over 400 games in our Library that you can freely use as long as you are a person that has purchased a Convention Badge or a Open Gaming Badge. We have games from: Mayfair Games, GMT Games, Rio Grande Games, Queen Games, Stronghold games, Z-man Games, Columbia Games, Worthington Games, Asmodee and many more. All we ask is that you sign out the games you are using and sign them back in when you are done playing your game. Please use these games like they are your own. It took quite a lot to get all of these and replacing them would not be instantaneous and expensive. Here is our list of Games in the Library. We have quite a few new titles and I will update the website soon:

Junior Passport (12) and Under

PrezCon "The Winter Nationals" is run during the school year so getting many Juniors to come and play is tough. The Juniors we have normally play in our Adult Tournaments so we have a way for your Juniors to get back most of their admission fee by playing in a few of these titles: Table Top Aces, Slapshot, Liar's Dice, Can't Stop, Circus Maximus, Formula Motor Racing, Splendor, Carcassonne. Once they have complete their Passport they will be awarded $35 to spend in the dealer's room Fri-Sun. If one of your Juniors wins one of these tournaments their prize is doubled to $70! All we ask is that your Jr play one Heat in any 4 of these titles. The GM's will have a sticker to apply to their passport as well as the GM's signature. Once you have completed 4 heats bring the passport to the front desk and one of our administrators will sign it for you. The passport you used now becomes a Gift card to be used in our dealers room. You must spend the entire amount at the dealer you chose. The passport has no value outside of the dealers room. If you miss spending your passport money during our dealers hours the passport is void. Every year Jonathan Hagmaier pays for all of the passports. He believes that our children are the future of the hobby we love. Thanks to Jon for promoting gaming to our Juniors by donating to our kids. You can't pre-reg your junior so just pay at the door. Make sure you ask for the Passport there.

Dealers Room

So many new dealers at this year convention. We always have our anchor in GMT Games. Andy and his family run the booth and have for over 15 years! GMT offers us Wargames, Racing Games and non collectible card games. The next two dealers Columbia Games and Worthington Publishing have been with us for over 10 years. They both offer use some the best Block wargames made today. Columbia Games has the Last Spike that was the big hit at last year's con. Worthington Publishing is represented with their title New York 1776 in our Revcon. The other dealers this year are as follows: Trust no one Games, Big Board Games, Emizart, Plus2 Charisma, The End Games, Canton Games, Flying Pig Games, and The Wargamers. Please support our dealers by stocking up on their excellent titles. The Dealer Hall is open Friday & Saturday 10am till 6pm and Sunday 10am till 2pm. The dealers hall is across from the registration desk.

PrezCon Awards

Tournament Prize Structure

PrezCon offers full color Championship Plaques to all of our winners. Dependent on how many folks play in your tournament will determine if 2nd or 3rd place plaques are given. If the tournament has 1-15 players that event is awarded a first place championship plaque. Once the tournament has 16 to 31 players a 2nd place plaque is awarded. To get a third place plaque the tournament needs to have 32 players or more.

Team Competition

Three-player teams will compete for a special Team Competition plaque. Here's how it works: Each team member signs up to compete in a different PrezCon tournament and players score points for the team based on how they place in their chosen tournament.

The team with the highest point total wins. If a tie exists, the team that competed against the highest number of competitors in those three tournaments.

Team members can chose any tournament in which a PrezCon plaque is awarded to the winner. Trial Events and Demonstration events may not be chosen for a team event.

Teams may sign up for the Team Competition at any time before any team member begins play in a designated team event (the entire team must be signed up with events before any member may start an event). If the team event has multiple heats, you can only sign your team up after tournament heats have begun if you have not played in any earlier heats.

Iron Man

PrezCon is proud to continue the Iron Man competition. A special plaque will be awarded to the best overall player during the convention. The only thing special to do is to pre-register. After that all you have to do is play - oh, and do well. Points are garnered based on your finish in the events you participate in just as set forth above for the team tournament. The individual with the highest number of points at the end of the convention is the winner. Let the competition begin, and may the toughest man, or woman, demonstrate who is made of iron.

Doubletree Info

The Doubletree has been our home for 20 years. Yes this will be our 20th convention held at Doubletree. We started with just a small portion of the hotel in 1998 and by 2003 we expanded into the entire 1st floor. Now we use the entire 15000 sf of meeting space for gaming. The cost to get a room under our block is a fair price $124. Many years ago we sold out our block and have every year since. So if you need a room and if we still have any go here to make a reservation today:

The Doubletree has gone under a 6 million dollar renovation that is still ongoing. The Hotel has a Restaurant, Bar (TJ's), Indoor Heated Pool, Workout Room, Convenience Store and business office w/computer. The Hotel also has a shuttle to and from just about anything within 10 miles. If you call in advance they will pick you up at the Amtrak, Greyhound or our Local Airport (5 miles away). Just a great hotel to host our convention in. We hope you enjoy our Conventions Home! Hotel phone number 434-973-2121

Advertising and how you can help us reach our goals!

We are asking a favor from all of you who are reading this. PrezCon has been in existence for over 24 years and for most of those years we have had a goal of reaching 700 players. Last year we had 668 players. So close to our goal. We would humbly ask that you forward this e-mail to all of your friends and family. The best advertising is from you. As you can see by looking at the list of our planned awesome events we are offering quite a bit. With all of this said, Thanks for all of your support!

Future PrezCon Dates:
2017: Jun 26-July 2 (Summer!)
2018: Feb 19-Feb 25
2019: Feb 25-Mar 3

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Block Games mini-con

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