PrezCon 2021 dates are Feb 22nd to Feb 28th


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PrezCon Boardgames Convention


Prezcon 2021 is being planned now. We are going to run over 110 boardgame tournaments and more than 50 demo events. Join us in Charlottesville, Virginia Feb 2021

Click here to save $10 off the door price:

General info for our style of boardgaming convention.
  1. Once you pay your registration fee you don't have to pay additional fees to enter games. (NO TICKETS). So one price pays for all the gaming you can cram in over the convention.
  2. You can pre-register to play in the Tournaments or Open Gaming.
  3. If you pre-register via the website or through one of our mailers or flyers you save $10 off the door price.
  4. We only allow you to pre-register for the entire event. If you plan to come a shorter time pricing is below.
  5. If I buy an Open Game Badge what can I do and not do at the con?
    • As an open Gamer you cannot play any Tournaments.
    • You can attend the Auction and Auction Store.
    • You can buy games at our dealer's room.
    • You have access to our Library and dedicated Open Gaming room down stairs in the Promenade Ballroom.
  6. What badge is needed to sell or buy games in the Auction or Auction store? You must have an Open Gaming Badge or any Convention Gaming Badge.


  1. We are in need of your games for our Game Auction and Store on Saturday. Go here to get started registering your games for either the Auction:
  2. The Auction will be in Giorgio's starting at 11:00. The Store opening at 10:30. The store will be right across from Giorgio's in TJ's Tavern.
  3. The auction crew will be accepting games at 8PM Friday night in the Ashlawn Room.
Hotel News:
The hotel is available at special convention $134 rate.

Or contact the hotel at 434-973-2121 and ask for in house reservations. If you contact Hilton they cannot help you.

Games Library:
Our Library Games list is growing. We also have another batch of games to add to this list soon. Go here to check out the current list:

If you pre-register by Jan 31st:
$90: Full week full gaming badge ($100 at the door)
$70: Full week open gaming badge ($80 at the door)
$45: Full week Jr badge (12 and under) for playing in adult games ($55 at the door)

Daily Tournament Play Badges:
$80: Friday-Sunday (pre-reg not available)
$70: Any 2 days except Fri-Sat (pre-reg not available)
$40: Any 1 day. If you stay longer the applicable multi-day badge price will apply (pre-reg not available)

Daily Open Gaming Badges:
$60: Friday-Sunday (pre-reg not available)
$50: Any 2 days except Fri-Sat (pre-reg not available)
$30: Any 1 day. If you stay longer the applicable multi-day badge price will apply (pre-reg not available)

Junior events:
Free: Jr badge (12 and under) if open gaming or playing in Jr events only (pre-reg not available)

Pre-registration is for convention-goers who plan to attend the entire week for Open Gaming or Tournament play. For other badge types, please pay at the door.

If you attend the con and stay an extra day the cost of the upgrade will apply. Please come to the front desk to upgrade your badge before you start the next gaming day.

Remember if you pre-register we are offering you a discount off the regular price and with that in mind there are no refunds. A rain check may be offered until the next year.

Once you arrive at the convention info:
  1. Once you arrive just stop by the registration desk to check-in and pick-up your Name badge. This is where you would pick up your free T-Shirt, Upgrade Gift or GM Polo.
  2. If you didn't pre-register the registration desk just inside the main Ballroom foyer will be where you get registered.
  3. You will receive a name badge which is your ticket to all of our events. Without it, the GM will ask you to go get it. So be kind and wear it so we can see it please.
  4. We will start our concessions on Tuesday at Lunchtime. The Hotel will offer a Pizza service starting Monday so ask us at the desk for a menu.
  5. We do not allow outside food to be consumed inside of the convention areas. That means please eat your food from Burger King or other outside restaurants in your room or at the restaurant. Please understand that this is the hotel's policy and we have to enforce it.
  6. We do not allow Smoking except outside.
  7. PrezCon does not allow illegal drugs of any kind.
  8. Please know that we enjoy looking at folks who are dressed up but Weapons (Guns, Swords) are not allowed on the hotel premises.
  9. Alcohol is allowed in all gaming areas but we ask that you buy your alcohol from the Hotel Bar. NO outside Alcohol allow also if you are going to drink please attempt to not offend other gamers. If you abuse this we will ask you to leave the con.
  10. The gift store next to the front desk has an ATM and all the snacks you will need between meal times.

Tournaments & Demos
Here is how it works. We have a very friendly heat system. If the game is a Swiss (SW) or Swiss Elimination (SwEl) you advance to a Semi or Final if you have enough wins or points. So, if you play Julius Caesar, you can play all 3 rounds and advance to the semifinal. If you want to jump in and play for fun in the later rounds, that is allowed as well.

Tournament Format:
Listed below are the available choices:
  1. SWISS ELIMINATION [Swiss-Elim]: Any system using a number of preliminary rounds in order to advance a pre-determined number of finalists into a Single-Elimination (SE) format. It is often used in conjunction with Multiple Heats to advance any winner of a Multi-Player game,
  2. SWISS: Any format of a pre-determined number of rounds in which players with the best records are paired against each other in every round. A fair and publicized tie-breaking system is very important. Players are free to drop out after losing a game, but the rounds continue for those willing to stay.
  3. SINGLE ELIMINATION [SE]: Players play until they lose a game. Multi-player games may also advance the highest runner-ups in order to field the ideal number of players for the next round (i.e., five or 25 for a five-player game).
  4. DOUBLE ELIMINATION [DE]: Effectively, two Single Elimination tournaments run in tandem with a winner's and loser's bracket. Losers move to the loser's tournament to play other losers until they're eliminated by a second loss. Rarely used due to its length, it guarantees players at least two games. Best used with short, two-player games.

Tournament Styles:
  1. CONTINUOUS: Rounds continue with minimal breaks until the winner is determined.
  2. SCHEDULED: There are scheduled breaks of six or more hours between rounds. Recommended for long multi-player games where continuous play becomes too much of the same thing.
  3. MULLIGAN ROUND: An optional preliminary first round which allows winners to skip the later, mandatory, first round. Losers of the preliminary round are not penalized aside from required play in the mandatory first round
  4. MULTIPLE HEATS: Players usually qualify for SE second round by winning any of up to four preliminary heats. Players can enter one or more heats without limit.
Demonstration Events
Demos will be run throughout the convention. At the bottom of the main staircase leading to the Promenade Ballroom will be where we have set aside space for our Demo events. This year we will have two tables that will be used for demo games only. The schedule for our Demo event will be in your convention booklet and on the wall throughout the convention. With over 40 Demos planned, please take some of your time to learn a new game or an Old Classic.

We look forward to seeing all of you at PrezCon: the Winter Nationals!

Thank you all for supporting us over the past 2 decades.

Settlers event PrezCon has been awarded the Settlers of Catan Mid-Atlantic Qualifier. The winner gets a pass into GenCon 2020 to play in the USA Championship. Sorry but the Catan folks have done away with the Hotel and travel expenses. Settlers of Catan
Columbia Con
Many Columbia block games are scheduled with a special ColumbiaCon plaque (Tom Dalgliesh Award) awarded to the overall winner. Columbia Games tournaments involved this year include: Victory in Europe, Hammer of the Scots, Crusader Rex, Texas Glory, Julius Caesar, Richard III, and The Last Spike.

An American Revolution mini-con at Prezcon
Play American Revolutionary War games and accumulate points toward the coveted George Washington Award.


Call me at 800-393-2511 or E-mail
Ernie Kozlowski

Future PrezCon Dates:
2021: Feb 22 - Feb 28

Special Events
Settlers of Catan
Regional Championship

Block Games mini-con

Am. Rev. mini-con

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