Prezcon 2019 dates are Feb 25th to March 3rd. More news coming soon.


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2014 Program

Winter Nationals PrezCon 2018 Winners
Game Winner 2nd 3rd 4th Attendance
Settlers of Catan Shane McBee Doug McNaron Janet Emerson Andrew Coleman 80
Terraforming Mars Bill Crenshaw Eric Wrobel Luke Koleszar E. Chambers 75
Ticket to Ride Eugene Yee John Koski Art Wines Kevin Murray 63
Splendor Derek Croxton Scott Saccenti Moon Sultana Zach Tentor 58
Alhambra Steven Zwanger Rodney Bacigalupo Martin Houghton Luke Koleszar 50
Stone Age Eugene Yee Rodney Bacigalupo Adam Rosenberg Dave Rohde 46
Puerto Rico David Platnick Marcy Morelli Eugene Yee Kevin Brown 43
Formula Motor Racing Julia Beckman Dave Ingraham Luke Beckman Carter Waite 38
RA Rodney Bacigalupo Dan Mathias Jeff Thornsen Zach Tentor 38
Codenames Paul Hendricks Julia Beckman Robert Griffiths Ada Langston 37
Can't Stop Bill Powers Elinor Glassco Doug McNaron Luke Beckman 36
Liar's Dice Mark Love Richard Coleman Bert Schoose Tom Gregorio 36
Small World Joe Collinson Garret McBee Adam Irvine Richard Hammer 35
St. Petersburg Chris Gnech Rick Miller Steven Turner Kevin Brown 35
25th Throwback Tournament Kevin Brown Shane McBee Lisa Glassco
Last Spike Michael Sosa Ben Collinson Brian Williams David Cross 34
Lords of Waterdeep Chris Wildes Moon Sultana Elinor Glassco Emily Gindhart 34
Power Grid Matt Jackson Leslee Eldard Joseph Marriott Larry Tentor 34
Lost Cities Jim Smith Kerry Codoley Andrew Jameson Andrew Dzikiewicz 31
Circus Maximus Donald Tatum John Steffey Barry Smith Richard Hammer 29
Great Western Trail Antony Saccenti Rodney Bacigalupo Scott Saccenti Kevin Walsh 28
Thurn & Taxis Marcie Morelli Ben Collinson Mary Ellen Powers
Dominion Brian Muller Jonathan Croxton Alex Croxton Kerry Codoley 27
Eurogame Sampler Andrew Dzikiewicz David Platnick Paul Wischow Roderick Schertler 27
Acquire Chris Gnech Justin Thompson Larry Loiacono Adam Rosenberg 25
Julius Caesar Fred Bauer Ron Draker Mike Sosa Grant Dalgliesh 25
Rock Paper Scissor Nathan Twigg Deny McBee Belisarius Sosa David Wolfe 25
Atlantic Storm Stan Buck Ben Collinson Richard Hammer Joseph Minter 24
Castles of Burgundy Martin Houghton Mark Beckman Aaron Buchanan Catherine Smith 24
Leaping Lemmings Kirk Harris Andrew Jameson John Spinello Lainagail Greason 24
McGartlin Motor Sports Steven Turner Jon Zug Dave Wolfe Steve Cameron 24
Tikal Rick Miller David Brannan Randy Dean Dan Mathias 24
Titan The Arena Carter Waite Seth Hoffman Mike Gallo Dan Mathias 23
Conquest of Paradise Brian Goodwin David Brannan Eric Maule Dave Cross 21
Merchant of Venus Eyal Mozes Charlie Hickok Rick Steeves Larry Loiaiano 20
Battles of American Revolution Dave Stiffler Jeff Lange Sr. Mark Miklos Todd Carter 18
Texas Holdem Eric Wrobel Steve Koleszar Steve Gilbert Mike Senzig 18
Hammer of the Scots Ron Draker Malcolm Smith Fred Bauer George Seary 17
History of the World David Hood Mark Smith Charles Minter Dave Fritsch 17
Race for the Galaxy Mark Crescenzi Derek Croxton Mike Crescenzi Steve Zwanger 17
Scythe Chris Wildes Michael Johnson Corey Lando Eric Engelmann 17
Battle Cry Tom Bivens David Wolfe Kevin Murray John Armstrong 16
Championship Formula Racing (CFR) Doug Galullo Don Tatum Dave Ingraham Mike Lind 16
Formula De Barry Smith Chris Gnech Stuart Tucker David Wolfe 16
Game of Thrones Board Game Alex Gregorio Adam Irvine Randy Dean
Texas Glory Grant Dalgliesh Malcolm Smith Mike Sosa Fred Bauer 16
Twilight Struggle Brian Reynolds Michael Mitchell Michael Johnson Eric Gerdts 16
Agricola Moon Sultana Bill Crenshaw Eric Wrobel
Britannia Rick Kirchner Shane McBee Mark Smith Nathan Twigg 15
Down in Flames Roger Taylor Rob McKinney Greg Smith Stan Buck 15
Terra Mystica Kevin Brom Ryan Oyler Kevin Walsh Mike Reynolds 15
Voyages of Marco Polo Chris Wildes Eugene Yee Brian Muller Scott Saccenti 15
War of the Ring Brian Reynolds Lyman Moquin Craig Cromwell
Paths of Glory Alex Gregorio Tom Gregorio Joshua Lowe Patrick Duffy 14
Vikings Melvin Casselberry Scott Vignon

Blood Rage Tim Furrow Charles Minter Josh Davis Martin Houghton 13
Churchill David Edelstein Scott Ferris John Weber
Word Game Sampler Doug Galullo Steven Zanger

Victory in Europe Mike Sosa Malcolm Smith Scott McDonald Ron Draker 12
Five Tribes Corey Lando Virginia Colin Nathan Twigg Kevin Brown 12
Formula Motor Racing JR Kyle Wines Ada Langston Julia Beckman Sumner Langston 12
Here I stand Kirk Harris Eric Gerdts Duncan McGill Gerald Johnson 12
Liberty of Death Kirk Harris Bill Beckman Norman Stewart Todd Carter 12
Merchants and Marauders Tom Bivens Steve Vondra James Clark Ed deBary Sr. 12
Pirates Cove Ben Collinson Steve Vondra Dan Mathias Bill Beckman 12
Russian Railroads Jay Fox David Platnick Emily Gindhart
Advanced Civilization Kevin Youells Doug Galullo Wayne Saunders Steve Cameron 11
Nations David Hood Eric Wrobel Bill Crenshaw Monica Koszalka 11
Slapshot Maya Beckman Elinor Glasso Arkady Muller Brian Muller 11
Titan Steve Koleszar Greg Huff Art Wines
Thunder Alley Steve Cameron Dave Ingraham Dave Wolfe Andy Davison 11
Yamatai Chris Wildes Shane McBee Pete Gathmann Deny McBee 11
Tzolk'in: Mayan Calendar Moon Sultana Ed Gilliland Dave Rohde Doug Galullo 10
1775 Rich Beyma Tim Miller Jeff Lange George Rivers 10
Bitterwoods Martin Musella Johnny Hasay

Bitterwoods Consolation Tourn. Ed Witkowski Jeremy Osteen

Combat Commander John Spinello Mark Brooks

Commands Colors Napoleonics David Blevins Chris Michel

Pillars of the Earth Stuart Pierce Jason Lurie Steve Zwanger Mark Beckman 10
The Russian Campaign Bert Schoose Fred Bauer Charles Catania Tom Gregorio 10
Kingmaker Justin Thompson Dave Cross

C & C Tricorne Davis Johnson Jeff Johnson Dave Stiffler Mark Miklos 9
Thunderstone Mary Ellen Powers Tim Evinger Paul Wischow Bill Powers 9
Moto Racing Barry Smith Doug Galullo John Steffey Don Tatum 8
Waterloo Bert Schoose Rob Beyma Marty Musella Bill Scott 8
Detroit Cleveland Grand Prix John Steffey Michael Lind Dave Ingraham Stuart Tucker 7
Monsters Menace Brandon Coburn Mike Greason Jay Coburn Bill Powers 7
Monsters Menace America Jr. Jay Coburn Malcolm Maloney Mike Greason Brandon Coburn 7
Worthington RevWar Series Dave Stiffler Mark Miklos Tim Miller George Rivers 7
Brawling Battleships Mike Woodgerd Randy Sands Kevin Murray Dennis Blazey 6
Star Wars Rebellion Alex Gregorio Michael Gallo Richard Beyma
Holdfast North Africa Ron Draker Steve Vondra Stuart Pierce David Carroll 5
Napoleonic Wellington Tour Rob Olsson Melvin Casselbury Brian Dewitt Patrick Duffy 5
Afrika Korps Bert Schoose Robert Frisby Scott McDonald Marty Mussela 4
Battle of the Bulge Rob Beyma Michael Woodgerd John Armstrong

PrezCon 2019 "The Winter Nationals" is February 25 - March 3, 2019

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Join us every year during the last week of February. We always have more than 100 Boardgame Tournaments scheduled and many demo events. 24 hour Open Gaming will begin Monday Morning at 9am.

PrezCon is the place for gamers. Once you pay your registration fee, there are no additional fees to enter games. NO TICKETS! So one price pays for all the gaming you can cram in over the convention.

Make your plans to attend early including your hotel reservation and save money:

The next Winter Nationals will be Feb. 25 - Mar. 3, 2019, in Charlottesville, VA
Only 275 days until PrezCon 2019!
Future PrezCon Dates:
2016: Feb 22-Feb 28
2017: Feb 20-Feb 26
2018: Feb 19-Feb 25
2019: Feb 25-Mar 3

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