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2014 Program

There were approximately 225 players at the inaugural Summer Nationals. The top 10 games were:

Ticket to Ride60
Settlers of Catan56
Stone Age45
Power Grid29
7 Wonders27
Formula Motor Racing26
Saint Petersburg26

7 WondersLarry Tentor
1812Steve Koleszar
AcquireJustin Thompson
AlhambraGrant Greffey
Atlantic StormNathan Twigg
Battle CryJoe Powell
BritanniaBen Collinson
Can't StopJames Miller
CarcassonneIgnac Jacovac
Castles of BurgundyChris Wildes
Champions of MidgardCraig Girard
ChurchillCharlie Hickok
Circus MaximusStephen Shedden
CodenamesMeredith McQuoid-Greason
Combat CommanderBill Powers
Commands & Colors AncientsJoshua Cruciotti
Crusader RexRon Draker
DominionDavid Platnick
Fire in the LakeTodd Carter
Five TribesLuke Koleszar
Formula DeLuke Koleszar
Formula Motor RacingPreston Saccenti
Heroes of the NamStephen Sheddon
History of the WorldNathan Twigg
Holdfast North AfricaMatt Looby
Holdfast RussiaJim Miller
Hammer of the ScotsSteve Koleszar
Iron ReignEdmond deBary
Jackson & SheridanMatt Looby
Julius CaesarRon Draker
King of New York/King of TokyoAndrew Jameson
Last SpikeDave Platnick
Leaping LemmingsTessa Brown
Liar's DiceNathan Twigg
Lords of WaterdeepMark Beckman
Lost CitiesAntony Saccenti
McGartlin Motor SportsCharles Kickok
Memoir '44Steve Lollis
Merchants and MaraudersLarry Loiacono
Merchant of VenusLuke Koleszar
New York 1776James Miller
Pacific VictoryFred Bauer
Paths of GlorySteve Koleszar
Power GridBill Alderman
Puerto RicoJohn Weber
RARodney Bacigalupo
Race for the GalaxyAntony Saccenti
Richard IIIMichael Sosa
RiskMichael Dufton
Russia BesiegedJoe Collinson
Russian CampaignFred Bauer
Russian RailroadsJohn Weber
Saint PetersburgRick Miller
Settlers of CatanBen Emerson
SlapshotTessa Brown
Small WorldJoe Collinson
SplendorVirginia Collin
Stone AgeDonte Saccenti
Terra MysticaDavid Platnick
Texas GloryMike Sosa
Texas HoldemTodd Carter
Thurn & TaxisScott Saccenti
Ticket to RideChris Wildes
TikalMario Lanza
TitanSteve Koleszar
Titan the ArenaBen Collinson
TrambahnLuke Koleszar
Victory in EuropeRon Draker
War of the RingMichael Sosa

The next Winter Nationals will be Feb. 20 - Feb. 26, 2017, in Charlottesville, VA
Only 173 days until PrezCon 2017!
Future PrezCon Dates:
2016: Feb 22-Feb 28
2017: Feb 20-Feb 26
2018: Feb 19-Feb 25
2019: Feb 25-Mar 3

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