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Brawling Battleships
Game: Brawling Battleships
Manufacturer: Lost Battlions
Description: Grant Dagliesh King 332 2/18/2018 Comp Suites 1 Matt Looby Suite 332 2/18/2018 $ 378.00 Suites Shane McBee King 302 Suite 2/18/2018 $ 1,500.00 Suites 1 Mark Miklos Double 703 17-Feb $ 774.00 Suites Jon Hagmeire King 702 Suite 18/Feb Comp Suites 1 George Seary Double 803 Suite 17-Feb $ 903.00 Suites George Seary King 802 Suite 17-Feb $ 903.00 Suites Brian Muller King 602 Suite 18-Feb $ 1,150.00 Suites Brian Muller Double 603 18-Feb $ 774.00 Suites Peter Gathmann King King/Pull out 19-Feb $ 774.00 1 Steve Bradford King 18-Feb $ 903.00 2 Swap Tim Miller Double 19-Feb $ 774.00 3 Scott Saccenti Double 9th Floor 18-Feb $ 903.00 4 Contract Bill Powers Double 19-Feb $ 774.00 5 Doug Galullo Double 9th Floor 18-Feb $ 903.00 6 Contract Swap Charlies Minter Double 2/18/2018 $ 903.00 7 Swap Malcohm Smith Double 9th Floor 19-Feb $ 774.00 8 Larry Tentor Double 19-Feb Comp 9
Duration: 1 hrs
Image not available

Game Schedule
Brawling BattleshipsSaturday21:00Heat 1-2SwEGrand1
Brawling BattleshipsSaturday23:00Heat 2-2SwEGrand2
Brawling BattleshipsSunday08:00FinalSEGrand2

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