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Games for 2016 Winter Nationals
Year Convention Game Mini-Con GM
2016Winter Nationals1775 RebellionRevCon
2016Winter Nationals18XX
2016Winter Nationals7 Wonders
2016Winter NationalsA Game of Thrones
2016Winter NationalsAcquire
2016Winter NationalsAfrika Korps
2016Winter NationalsAlhambra
2016Winter NationalsAlien Fronters
2016Winter NationalsAmerican Rev. War Series
2016Winter NationalsAmong The StarsEuroGame Sampler
2016Winter NationalsAtlantic Storm
2016Winter NationalsBattle Cry
2016Winter NationalsBitter Woods
2016Winter NationalsBoggle
2016Winter NationalsBritannia
2016Winter NationalsCant Stop
2016Winter NationalsCarabande Jr.
2016Winter NationalsCarcassonne
2016Winter NationalsCaverna
2016Winter NationalsChicago Express
2016Winter NationalsCircus Maximus
2016Winter NationalsCombat Commander
2016Winter NationalsCommand and Colors
2016Winter NationalsConcordia
2016Winter NationalsConquest of Paradise
2016Winter NationalsDominion
2016Winter NationalsDown in Flames
2016Winter NationalsEurogame Sampler
2016Winter NationalsFire in the Lake
2016Winter NationalsFive Tribes
2016Winter NationalsFlying ColorsRevCon
2016Winter NationalsFormula De
2016Winter NationalsFormula Motor Racing
2016Winter NationalsGermantownBoAR
2016Winter NationalsGlobal Mogul
2016Winter NationalsHammer of the ScotsColumbiaCon
2016Winter NationalsHere I Stand
2016Winter NationalsHistory of the World
2016Winter NationalsJulius CaesarColumbiaCon
2016Winter NationalsKing of Tokyo/King of NYCEuroGame Sampler
2016Winter NationalsLast WillEuroGame Sampler
2016Winter NationalsLeaping Lemmings
2016Winter NationalsLewis & Clarke
2016Winter NationalsLiars Dice
2016Winter NationalsLords of Waterdeep
2016Winter NationalsLost Cities
2016Winter NationalsLove LetterEuroGame Sampler
2016Winter NationalsMcGartlin Motor Sports
2016Winter NationalsMemoir 44
2016Winter NationalsMerchant of Venus
2016Winter NationalsMerchants & Marauders
2016Winter NationalsNetrunner
2016Winter NationalsNew York 1776WorthingtonCon, RevCon
2016Winter NationalsOutpostEuroGame Sampler
2016Winter NationalsPaths of Glory
2016Winter NationalsPillars of the Earth
2016Winter NationalsPirates Cove
2016Winter NationalsPower Grid
2016Winter NationalsPuerto Rico
2016Winter NationalsQueens Gambit
2016Winter NationalsRA
2016Winter NationalsRace for the Galaxy
2016Winter NationalsRichard IIIColumbiaCon
2016Winter NationalsRisk
2016Winter NationalsRobo Rally
2016Winter NationalsRoll for the Galaxy
2016Winter NationalsRonCon
2016Winter NationalsRussia Besieged
2016Winter NationalsRussian Campaign
2016Winter NationalsRussian Railroads
2016Winter NationalsSaratogaBoAR
2016Winter NationalsSettlers of Catan
2016Winter NationalsSmall World
2016Winter NationalsSmallworld
2016Winter NationalsSpeed Circuit
2016Winter NationalsSplendorEuroGame Sampler
2016Winter NationalsSpyriumEuroGame Sampler
2016Winter NationalsSt Petersburg
2016Winter NationalsStone Age
2016Winter NationalsStrategic Wargame Design
2016Winter NationalsTable Top Aces
2016Winter NationalsTable Top Aces Jr.
2016Winter NationalsTerra Mystica
2016Winter NationalsTexas GloryColumbiaCon
2016Winter NationalsTexas Holdem
2016Winter NationalsThe Castles of Burgundy
2016Winter NationalsThe Hunters
2016Winter NationalsThe Manhattan ProjectEuroGame Sampler
2016Winter NationalsThe Seven Years War
2016Winter NationalsThunder Alley
2016Winter NationalsThunderstone
2016Winter NationalsTicket to Ride
2016Winter NationalsTikal
2016Winter NationalsTitan
2016Winter NationalsTitan 2-Player
2016Winter NationalsTitan the Arena
2016Winter NationalsVictory in EuropeColumbiaCon
2016Winter NationalsWar at Sea
2016Winter NationalsWar of the Ring
2016Winter NationalsWashington`s WarRevCon
2016Winter NationalsWaterloo AVH Version
2016Winter NationalsWereWolf
2016Winter NationalsMachi KoroCraig Girard
2016Winter NationalsStar RealmsCraig Girard
2016Winter NationalsSlapshotColumbiaConGrant Dalgliesh

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