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Games for 2017 Summer Nationals
Which convention?

Game # Game Mini-Con GM
1Pirates CoveBenjamin Collinson
2Leaping LemmingsBill Powers
3AlhambraBruce Glassco
4Ticket to RideBruce Glassco
5Russia BesiegedCharles Catania
6Great Western TrailChris Wildes
7The Voyages of Marco PoloChris Wildes
8ScytheColeman Charlton
9Blood RageConnie Welsh
10Champions of MidgardCraig Girard
11CarcassonneDavid Platnick
12Liars DiceDeny McBee
13Settlers of CatanDeny McBee
14Championship Formula RacingDonald Tatum
15Bitter WoodsEd Witkowski
16RAEric Hymowitz
17Combat CommanderFather Eric Tolentino
18Command and ColorsGary Duden
19SlapshotGrant Dalgliesh
20Small WorldGrant Greffey
21Blue & Gray SeriesWorthingtonConGrant Wylie
22Enemies of RomeWorthingtonConGrant Wylie
23Hold the LineWorthingtonCon, RevConGrant Wylie
24The Last SpikeIgnac Jakovac
25Circus MaximusJake Jacoby
26Atlantic StormJohn Elliott
27Paths of GloryJohnny Hasay
28AgricolaJon Jaeger
29ConcordiaJon Jaeger
30Puerto RicoJon Jaeger
31McGartlin Motor SportsJon Zug
32Merchant of VenusJoseph Powell
33War of 1812Justin Thompson
34Lost CitiesKerry Duggento
35St PetersburgKeywood Cheves
36Race for the GalaxyLarry Tentor
37AcquireLawrence Loiacono
38Colossal ArenaLuke Koleszar
39DominionLuke Koleszar
40Texas GloryColumbiaConMac Willingham
41Hammer of the ScotsColumbiaConMalcolm Smith
42Julius CaesarColumbiaConMalcolm Smith
43Lords of WaterdeepMarcia Morelli
44Holdfast North AfricaWorthingtonConMatt Looby
45War of the RingMichael Greason
46CodenamesMichelle Hymowitz
47Stone AgeMichelle Hymowitz
48Formula DePatrick Duffy
49Pillars of the EarthPaul Owen
50Formula Motor RacingPete Gathmann
51TikalPete Gathmann
52The Castles of BurgundyRob Griffiths
53Terraforming MarsRoderick Schertler
54Great War CommanderRoger Nord
55Victory in EuropeColumbiaConRon Draker
56Thurn and TaxisScott Saccenti
57BritanniaShane McBee
58History of the WorldShane McBee
59Power GridSteve Koleszar
60TitanSteve Koleszar
617 WondersStuart Pierce
62SplendorVirginia Colin
63Cant StopZach Tentor

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