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Past auction results

YearConventionTotal Sales# Items SoldAverage Price
2016Winter Nationals$10,178.00655$15.54
2015Winter Nationals$8,949.00590$15.17
2014Winter Nationals$7,674.00563$13.63
2012Winter Nationals$7,702.00497$15.50
2011Winter Nationals$10,990.00629$17.47
2010Winter Nationals$13,536.00601$22.52

All Items
2017Winter Nationals37231805 Sea of GloryGMTPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals40241809 NapoleonVictoryPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals40811812ColumbiaPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals40981812: The Invasion of CanadaAcademy GamesShrinkKevin McPartland$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals37971830MayfairPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals39811967 Six Day War [Modern War #4]Decision GamesUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals38901989 Dawn of FreedomGMTPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals38911st and GoalR&R GamesPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals41553 DAYS AT GETTYSBURGSPIRIT STRATEGY GAMESPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals41506th FLEETVICTORY GAMESPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals37587 Wonders DuelAsmodeePunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3889A Castle for all SeasonsRio GrandPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3872A Distant PlainGMTPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4037A Dog`s LifeEurogamesShrink $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3885A Game of ThronesFFGPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3704A House DividedMayfairShrink $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3791A Most Dangerous TimeMMPUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4115AbaloneAbalonePunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3994Ace of Aces: Flying Machines Airco DH 2 vs. Fokker E IIINovaPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3999Ace of Aces: Flying Machines Airco DH 2 vs. Fokker E IIINovaPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3920Across the RapahannockGMTPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4022Advanced Third ReichAHShrink $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3952Africa Campaign Intro Game Bundle: Battles For North Africa Totensonntag 1st Ed -- Western Desert ForceGMT / Lock `N Load /Avalanche PressUnpunchedEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3770Afrika Korps (1964 edition)Avalon Hill Punched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3862Against the Odds Vol1 Iss 1&2 - Vol2 Iss 1&2 - Vol3 Iss2 - Vol4 Iss3MagazineMagazines $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3812Age of EmpiresTropical GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3820Age of NapoleonMayfairPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4053AgricolaMayfairUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4054AgricolaMayfairUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4062AgricolaZ-ManUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4141Air Assault on CreteAvalon HillPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4108Air SuperiorityGDWPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3911Alien Uprising (Kickstarter pack)Mr. B GamesPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4010Alpha OmegaAHUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3931Ambush!Victory GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3892Andean AbyssGMTPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4015Antietam Quiet FieldsThe GamersUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3697AntikeRio GrandePunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4021AnzioAHPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3956Anzio 4th EdAvalon HillShrinkEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3842Aqua SphereTMGUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3871Asia EngulfedGMTPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3968ASL Odds and Ends Bundle: Gung Ho! - Blood & Iron: 27th ID in Item Pocket - Guerra Civil 1st EdAvalon HillUnpunchedEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3957ASL Transition Bundle: ASL Rule Book 2nd Ed -- Beyond Valor 1st EdMMP / Avalon HillUnpunchedEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3908AsteroydsYstari GamesPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3848Atlantic WallSPIUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3982ATO Annual 2012- Forlorn Hopes (Dutch East Indies 1942)ATOUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4088Attack Wing Box SetGMTUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3824Attack with Expansion in One BoxEagle GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4143Axis and Allies (2nd Ed)Milton BradleyPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4034Axis and Allies 1940: EuropeAvalon HillPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4035Axis and Allies 1940: PacificAvalon HillPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4162Axis and Allies 1987MBPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4148AXIS AND ALLIES EUROPEHASBROShrink $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4147AXIS AND ALLIES PACIFICHASBROShrink $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3967Band of Brothers Bundle: Screaming Eagles w/ errata -- Ghost PanzerWorthington GamesPunchedEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3972Battle For China 1937 [S&T #259]/ China Incident/ Chinese Civil War 1946-1949/ Storm Over Taierzhuang (1938 China) [ATO 25]Decision Games/ 3W/ 3W/ LPS/ATOMixed $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3810Battle for Stalingrad (Wargame)SPIPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3979Battle of Minsk 1944 [World at War #22]/ Budapest `45 [Command #31]/ Drive on Dubno (Counterattack in the Ukraine 1941) WaW #31Decision Games/ XTR/ Decision GamesMixed $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3846Battle of the Bulge (Smithsonian)AHUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3727BattleloreDays of WonderPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3884Battlestar GalaticaFFGPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4151BITTER WOODSAHPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4110Bitter Woods (+ Expansion)L2 Design GroupUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3698Black FleetSpace CowboysUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3992Blood & SandWorthingtonShrinkMark Miklos$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3787Blood Bowl 3rd. EdGames WorkshopPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3850Bloody AprilSPIUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3998BluffRavensburgerPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4003BluffRavensburgerPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4157BORODINOSPIPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3924BorodinoGMTPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4065Box of TerrainVariesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4018BrandywineGMTShrink $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3792Breaking The ChainsCompassPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3983Breaking The ChainsCompass GamesUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3771Breitenfeld, Pavia, and Chalons folio gamesDecision gamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4060BremerhavenMayfairUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3822BritanniaFantasy Flight GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3801By Hook or CrookAvalon HillPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4114C & C Ancients Exp. No. 2 Rome vs. BarbariansGMTPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4028CaesarAHPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3935CannaeIESUnpunchedEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4039Captains of IndustryTMGShrink $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3802Cards Against HumanityCAHPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3728Cargo NoirDays of WonderPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4124CarnivalDice Hate Me GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4084Carrier StrikeSimuluation GamesUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4083Carriers at War + Run5 issue 5SSGUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3855Case White - Kursk - `CA` - Napoleon at Bay - Drug Czars - MalayaGDW/SPI/TSG/Excal/GrLaUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3887CastawaysPassportPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4136CatacombsElzraPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4050Catan Explorers & PiratesMayfairShrink $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4097Catan Histories- Struggle For RomeMayfair GamesPunchedKevin McPartland$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4073Cathedral Punched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4095Catherine The Great (Srategy &Tactics 232)Decision GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3772Cave Troll (1st edition)Fantasy FlightPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3699CaylusYstariPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3912Chaos in the Old World (2009)FFGPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4056Charmed The Book of ShadowsTilsitShrink $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4058Chicago ExpressQueenUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4075ChickamaugaPhoenix EnterprisesUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4055Civil WarVGPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3944Civil War Bundle: Stonewall Jackson`s Way 1st Ed (AH) - Chancellorsville: Pinnacle of Victory (CoA) - Rebel Yell (GPG) - Tramping Out the Vintage w/mounted uncut ctrsAH / COA/GPG/HighFlyingDiceUnpunchedEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3700CivilizationAvalon HillPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3876Clash of CulturesZ-ManPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4154CLASH OF STEELWARGAMERShrink $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3793Close ActionClash of ArmsPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3701CO2Stronghold GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3907Code 777StongholdPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3870Codeword Cromwell: The German Invasion of England5th ColumnPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4089Command & Colors Ancietns Trucless War expansionGMTUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3733Command 01 - Blitzkrieg & Special Ed #1 SevastapolXTR/CumminsUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3825Command and Colors AncientsGMTPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3826Command and Colors Ancients Exp Nr 1GMTPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3724Command and Colors: AncientsGMTPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3725Command and Colors: Ancients Exp No. 1GMTUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3734Command Issue 06 - Krim / Command 29 1914 Glory`s EndXTRPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3735Command Issue 30 - Across the PotomacXTRUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3815Conflict of Heroes Price of Honor PolandAcademy GamesUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3894Conflict of Heros: Awakening of the Bear 2nd EditionAcademy GamesPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3811Conquest of the EmpireEagle GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3702Conquest of the EmpireEaglePunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3875Conquest of the Empire (2005)Eagle-GryphonPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3984Constantinople (1453 Siege Turks v Byzantines) [S&T 66]SPIUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3759Core WorldsStronghold GamesUnpunchedKeith Ferguson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3925Cosmic EncountersMayfair GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3819Cowboys: The Way of the Gun (W METAL MINIS)WorthingtonPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3991Cuba LibreGMTShrinkMark Miklos$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3796D&D Books Lot (2nd ed., 3rd ed., Pathfinder)TSR/WotC/PaizoPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3847D-Day (Smithsonian)AHUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3960D-Day Bundle: June 6 and Normandy 44 both w/ errataGMTUnpunchedEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3750Da Vinci Code Board GameHasbroPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3742Dark Crusade 3WPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4152DARK DECEMBEROP STUDIES GRPOUPPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3893Dead of Winter: A Cross Roads GamePlaid HatPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3834Death Ride - Hafid RidgeGrognard SimulationsUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3751Descent Journeys in the Dark (2nd ed)Fantasy FlightPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4070Desert RatsSimulation GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4126Die Siedler von Catan: Das KartenspielKosmosPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3859Different Worlds (7 issues)MagazineMagazines $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3969Down in Flames Squadron Packs #1 and #2 in ziplock bagGMTUnpunchedEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3985Dunkirk 1940 Operation Dynamo [Wargamer #53]3WPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3963Early 20th Century Naval Bundle: Mediterranean and Pacific CrossroadsAvalanche PressUnpunchedEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3940Early Napoleonics Bundle: Bonaparte in Italy - Sun of Austerlitz - 1809OSGUnpunchedEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3947Early War PzGrndr Bundle: Conquest of Ethiopia (4th Ed Rules) -- 1940: The Fall of France (3d Ed Rules)Avalanche PressUnpunchedEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4014East FrontColumbiaPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3763EketorpQueen GamesPunchedKeith Ferguson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4045Elder SignFantasy FlightPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3927ElfenlandAmigoPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4121Enemy in SightLost Battalion GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3928ExpeditionQueen GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4092Fading GloryGMTShrinkRoger Eastep$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3840Fief Kickstarter with Buildings and ExtensionsAcademy GamesUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3916Fields of FireGMTPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3986Fields of Glory (Oudenarde 7/11/1709 & Malplaquet 9/9/1709)Moments in HistoryUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3895Fire & Axe: A Viking Saga (2004) PunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4078First Strike Punched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3703First Train to NuremburgZmanUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3773Flagship: Prometheus Unchained and Coyote StandsGMTPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3896Flashpoint: Fire RescueIndies GamesPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4011Flat TopBattlelin ePunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3740Flight LeaderAHUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3987Flintlock- Carolina Rebels (Am Rev Camden Cowpens +2 more)LNL PublishingPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4103Flintlock: Black Powder Cold Steel Vol. 1: Carolina RebelsLNL PublishingUnpunchedKevin McPartland$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3897Forbidden Island PunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3752Formula DeEuro GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4047Fortress EuropaAvalon HillPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3930France 1944Victory GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4158FRANCE 1944VICTORY GAMESUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3841Francis DrakeKayal GamesUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4025Frederick the GreatAHUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3860Game News (11 issues)MagazinesMagazines $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3856Games&Puz - Gateways - Shadis - W.Dwarf - GM - CompEdge - ScryeMagazinesMagazines $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3976Geronimo/ Cortes- Conquest of the Aztec Empire [Command #20]Avalon-Hill/ XTRMixed $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4145Gettysburg (1964)Avalon HillPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4146Gettysburg High Tide of the ConfederacyPhoenix GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3898Glenmore PunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3921Glory IIIGMTPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3767Golem ArcanaHBSPunchedKeith Ferguson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3939Great Battles of History: Alexander Deluxe Fourth EditionGMTUnpunchedEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4093Great Medieval BattlesSPIUnpunchedRoger Eastep$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3943Grognard Pacific Bundle: Guam - Saipan & Tinian - Pelelieu & AnguarGrognard SimulationsUnpunchedEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3845Guadalcanal (Smithsonian)AHUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3837Guilds of LondonTMGShrink $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4042Gunship: First StrikeEscape PodShrink $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3705HamburgumEggertspielPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3818Hammer of the ScotsColumbia GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3827Hannibal Rome vs. CarthageValley GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3863Hannibal: Rome vs CarthageValley GamesShrink    
2017Winter Nationals3741Harpoon - Modern Naval Wargame RulesGDWPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3739Harpoon - Captain`s Edition GDWUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3901HegemonicMinionPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3868History of the WorldAvalon HillUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4138Hof GapSPIPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4104Hold the LineWorthington GamesUnpunchedKevin McPartland$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3993Hold the LineWorthingtonPunchedMark Miklos$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3980Holy War Afghanistan (Afghans v Russians 1980s) [S&T# 147]Decision GamesMixed $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3922Hornet LeaderGMTPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4156HORNET LEADERGMTUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3726HyperboreaYemaiaPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3706Il VecchioTasty MinstrelShrink $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3798Illuminati: Deluxe EditionSteve JacksonUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3910IncursionGrindhousePunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4069Innsmouth EscapeTwilight CreationsPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4023Invasion AmericaSPIPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3988Iron Cross (Man-to-Man Combat on the Eastern Front 1941-1942) [S&T #32]3WUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3753Iron DragonMayfair GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3829Iron ReignIIIGamesUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4101Island of Death: The Invasion of Malta 1942Avalanche PressUnpunchedKevin McPartland$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3821JamaicaGameWorksPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4059Julius CaesarColumbia GamesUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3923June 6GMTPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4006JuntaVincent TsaoPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4082JutlandAHPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3707Kanban Automotive RevolutionStronghold GamesUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4063KarnickelMayfairUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4043KingdomsFantasy FlightShrink $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3789Kings & ThingsZ-ManUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3929Knights of the AirTAHGCPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4116Knockout / Wembley / Texas RevolutionMixedPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3861Knucklebones (13 issues)MagazineMagazines $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3936Korsun PocketPeoples WargamesPunchedEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3949Kursk PzGrndr Bundle: Burning Tigers (4th Ed Rules) -- South Flank (3d Ed Rules)Avalanche PressUnpunchedEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3941Late Napoleonics Bundle: Highway to the Kremlin - Napoleon At Bay 3rd Ed - Last Days Grande ArmeeOSGUnpunchedEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3764Legends of the American FrontierGame SalutePunchedKeith Ferguson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3899Level 7 EscapePrivateer PressPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3900Level 7 InvasionPrivateer PressPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4109Look at the Schmuck on That CamelVictory Games (VG)Shrink $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3903Loot PunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3866Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit (Collector`s Edition)Parker BrothersUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3774Lord of the Rings: The SearchRio Grande GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4153LUFTWAFFEAHPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4016MachiavelliBattlelinePunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4077Mansions of MadnessFFGPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3835Mare Nostrum Atlas + Empires expansion and BuildingsAcademy GamesUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4117MariaHistogramUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3760Mars Needs MechanicsNevermore GamesPunchedKeith Ferguson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4091MechWar 2 Suez to GolanSPIPunchedRoger Eastep$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3869Memoir `44 with Air PackDays of WonderUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3883Memoir 44 (2004)Days of WonderPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4048Memoir 44 large Lot with airplanesDays Of WonderPunchedMark Brooks$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3902Merchants & Marauders (2010)AsmodeePunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4120MetroQueen GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3768Mice & MysticsPlaid HatPunchedKeith Ferguson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4046MidwayAvalon HillPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3873Midway (1991)Avalon HillPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3843Midway (Smithsonian)AHUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3926More Cosmic EncountersMayfair GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3833Moskwa 1941Taktykai StrategiaUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3730Mr. JackHurricanePunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3996Mr. President3MPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4001Mr. President3MPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3844Mustangs (Smithsonian)AHUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3904Mysterium (2015)AsmodeePunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4049Napoleon 2nd (2009)ColumbiaPunchedMark Brooks$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3945Napoleonic Monstergame Bundle: Wellington`s Victory - AusterlitzTSR/GMTUnpunchedEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3886Netrunner (2012)FFGPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3905Nexus OpsFFGPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3708Nexus OpsAvalon HillPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3814NFL Armchair QuarterbackTradeWind IndPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3813NiagaraRio Grande GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3906Niagara PunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4087No Retreat expansions 1 + 2VPGPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4004Norway 1940QuarterdeckPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3971Norway 1940 [World at War #29]/ Assault On NarvikDecision Games/ LPS/ATOMixed $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3959Nuts! Bundle: Phantom Fury w/ errata & To the Last ManNuts!ShrinkEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4076Objective AtlantaBattlelinePunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4086Odd lot of wargame mags/parts/reference/etc Punched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3732OddvilleWhat`s Your GamePunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4000One Night Ultimate WerewolfBezier GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3995One Night Ultimate WerewolfBezier GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3849Operation TyphoonSPIUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3808Operation Typhoon (Wargame)SPIPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3951Operational Combat Series Bundle: Tunisia 1st Ed. w/errata ctrs -- Sicily 1st Ed -- Forgotten War: Korea 1st EdThe GamersUnpunchedEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3978Operations Olympic & Coronet (Hypo Inv. Of Japan) [WaW #27]/ Samurai Sunset (Invasion of Japan 1945) [Command #3]Decision Games/ XTRMixed $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4130OregonRio GrandePunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4111Origins of WW2Avalon HillPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4040Pacific VictoryColumbiaPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4071Pacific WarVGUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3942Pacific War Bundle: Empire of the Sun 1st Ed w/upgrades - Bataan! - Bushido Denied!GMT / Compass / High Flying DiceUnpunchedEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4012Pacific War Classics Tarawa SaipanFresno GAUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3997PalmyraEG Spiele / BrainstormPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4002PalmyraEG Spiele / BrainstormPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4122PandemicZ-man GamesPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3761Pandemic: The CureZ-Man GamesPunchedKeith Ferguson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4007Panzer CommandVictoryPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4105Panzerblitz (slipcase)Avalon HillPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3800PatchworkMayfairPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3709Pathfinder - Rise of the RunelordsPaizoPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4013Peloponnesian WarAHPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3867PitParker BrothersUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4113Point of Law3MUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3775Point of Law3MPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3950Post WW2 PzGrndr Bundle: Pusan Perimeter (4th Ed Rules) -- Sword of Israel `67 (Modern Rules)Avalanche PressPunchedEric Walters$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3710Power Grid - First SparksRio GrandePunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3909Pressure MatrixAEGPunchedDoug Epperson$0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3836Price of FreedomCompass GamesUnpunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals3754QuarriorsWizkidsPunched $0.00  
2017Winter Nationals4044Quartermaster GeneralGrigglingShrink $0.00  

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